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Welcome Suri!

We are excited to announce that Suritra Bandyopadhyay has joined the Chan Lab!

Brief bio: Suri is from West Bengal, India and graduated with an Integrated MSc in Chemistry from National Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhubaneswar. His Masters’ thesis research focused on the synthesis of expanded supramolecular frameworks of porphyrins and calixphyrins under the supervision of Prof A Srinivasan. Suri has also worked as a summer intern under Prof Shannon Olsson where he standardized protocols for isolation, quantification and characterization of microplastics from ocean sediments. Besides, he also worked as an intern under Prof Paulomi Ghosh, where he fabricated hydrogels and fibers by cross-linking alginate with keratin extracted from chicken feather biowaste. When not in lab, Suri likes to sketch, sing, play kalimba, and conduct food chemistry experiments in his kitchen!

Suri is currently a chemical biology student pursuing his PhD in Chemistry and is very excited to get his hands and hood dirty with the Chan Lab group!


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