Principal Investigator


Jefferson Chan

Associate Professor of Chemistry

Postdoc, UC Berkeley 

PhD Chemistry, SFU

jeffchan at

Graduate Students

Nico Pino

Class of 2016

BA Chem. & Chem. Biol.

Cornell University

nwpino2 at

Katie Brady

Class of 2018

BSc Chemistry

Fairfield University 

cjbrady2 at

Joe Forzano

Class of 2019

BA Chemistry

Colby College

forzano2 at

Rodrigo Tapia Hernandez

Class of 2019

BSc Chemistry

Augsburg University

rt7 at

Sarah Gardner

Class of 2017

BSc Biochemistry

University of Iowa

shgardn2 at

Amanda East

Class of 2018

BSc Chemistry

DePaul University

east3 at

Selena Hernandez

Class of 2019

BSc Chemistry


selena3 at

Zhenxiang Zhao

Class of 2020

BS Chemistry

Nankai University

zhaoz3 at

Melissa Lucero

Class of 2017

BSc Biochemistry

University of MD, BC.

mlucero3 at

Michael Lee

Class of 2018

BSc Chemistry

UC Berkeley

mcl4 at

Chelsea Swartchick

Class of 2019

BSc Chemistry

University of Portland 

cbs5 at

Research Associates

Dr. Anuj Yadav

PhD Chemistry

NCL India

anuj at

Visiting Scholars & Rotation Students

Chang Jiang

East China Normal University 

jiang97 at

Undergraduate Students

Lillian Ye

Senior (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)

lye7 at

Zhuoran Zhong

Junior (Biochemistry)

zhong30 at

Nathan Moretta

Junior (Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering)

moretta2 at

Brennen Thomas

Sophomore (Chemical Engineering)

brennen4 at

Canine Scholars

Corey Chan

MSc Student in

Tennis Ball Chewing


BSc Squeaky Toy Destruction

Leroy Chan

MSc Student

in Tail Wagging


BSc Walking and Sniffing