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Our volume within Methods in Enzymology has been published!

Jeff served as the editor for this edition of Methods in Enzymology, and we featured our work in the form of two book chapters written by both Melissa and Amanda in addition to Anuj and Rodrigo. Check out the abstracts of each chapter below!

Chapter Seven - Near-infrared II photoacoustic probes for nitric oxide sensing by Melissa and Amanda

In this chapter, we introduce a two-phase tuning approach for developing highly sensitive photoacoustic probes for imaging nitric oxide (NO) in the near-infrared (NIR)-II window. Due to the synthetically challenging nature of current NIR-II dye platforms, our two-phase tuning approach circumvents this issue by first allowing one to tune the reactivity using a synthetically accessible dye. We have used a physical organic workflow to understand the reaction kinetics and identify the most reactive sensing component. The selected reactive trigger is then introduced to phase two where it is appended to a range of well-established NIR-II dyes. This strategy is used to select the ideal photoacoustic probe for NIR-II imaging in vivo. Here, we have detailed procedures for synthesis, in vitro studies, and in vivo imaging.

Chapter Seventeen - A general strategy to optimize the performance of aza-BODIPY-based probes for enhanced photoacoustic properties

In this chapter, we describe a generalizable strategy to obtain a high PA output platform that is optimized for ratiometric imaging. Our approach entails conformationally restricting pendant aryl rings on the aza-BODIPY core to enhance orbital overlap which consequently increases the extinction coefficient. This strategy can potentially be applied to other dye platforms to enhance their signal intensity. We provide detailed protocols for the synthesis, in vitro characterization, and in vivo application.


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