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Welcome Samantha!

We are excited to announce that Samantha Dye has joined the Chan Lab!

Brief bio: I am from Canton Michigan and received a bachelor’s degree from Albion College in Biochemistry with a concentration in Public Health. My undergraduate thesis focused on the synthesis of smoothened inhibitor photoswitchable compounds and their use as therapeutics, under the mentorship of Dr. Craig Streu. Additionally, I worked at the University of Pennsylvania in the chemical biology lab of Professor Ivan Dmochowski developing supermolecule cage molecules for biomolecular imaging that can be utilized for MRI to detect cancer markers. I was also awarded an NSF-funded Research Experience for Undergraduates opportunity at the University of Puerto Rico, where I worked at the Molecular Sciences Research Center and Comprehensive Cancer Center under the supervision of Dr. Cornelis Vlaar making a chemical library of a known natural product anticancer drug to improve its bioavailability and pharmacokinetics profile.

When not in the lab you can find me singing at my church, hanging with friends, or helping with an American Cancer Society event!


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