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The Rules:

Eligible to Participate:

Faculty, post-docs, graduate students, undergraduate researchers, visiting researchers, summer rotators (can participate even if not currently rotating in a participating lab; must decide on a lab if rotated with multiple participating labs) of participating labs are allowed

Participating labs: Burke, Chan, Hergenrother, Olshansky, Sarlah, White




Individual sports:

All individual disciplines are separated by gender.

For individual sports every individual can only participate in up to five disciplines (exception: less than four people of a specific gender are available in a lab => for that specific gender individuals can enter unlimited individual disciplines).

A maximum of two people per lab per gender can enter an individual discipline (this means a maximum of 2 females + 2 males).

Individual disciplines are: Bench Press, Deadlift, Basketball, 1 Mile Race, Broad Jump, 60m Dash, Push-Ups, High-Jump, Discus, Faculty-Event


Team sports:

All team disciplines are coed.

Obey the decisions of the referees and don’t act up.

Be competitive, but don’t break peoples bones.

Have fun!

Team disciplines are: Volleyball, 4 x 400m, Ultimate Frisbee


Rules for specific disciplines, see disciplines section.

If a “grey zone” is identified, the Lab Olympic Committee can adjust the rules by majority decision to eradicate it.



Scoring System:

Individual Sports:             Gold      ->           5pts

                                               Silver     ->          3pts

                                               Bronze ->            1pt

To encourage faculty participation, faculty will score double the points in individual disciplines.


Team Sports:                     Gold      ->           15pts

                                              Silver     ->          10pts

                                              Bronze ->              5pts


Faculty Event:                  Gold      ->           15pts

                                             Silver     ->          10pts

                                             Bronze ->              5pts

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