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CHEM 570
Fall 2017
Concepts in Chemical Biology


CHEM 570 is a graduate-level course.


Enrollment, Late Addition and Auditing Policies

All undergraduates must obtain instructor consent to enroll in CHEM 570. Please note that this course has a limited enrollment capacity, due to the participatory nature of the course. Please see the given link if the class has reached its full capacity when you seek to enroll.


Auditing the class (i.e., attending for no credit) is generally not permitted, again due to the nature of the course. Per Graduate College policy, an auditor is only a listener but does not participate, whereas this course is inherently participatory.


Please take careful note of the CHEM 570 course policies on late addition to the course (Course Policiies link below). Late addition to CHEM 570 (i.e., after the first class session) is strongly discouraged and may be disallowed at instructor discretion.


Final Examination Policies

The university will set the final exam date and time for CHEM 570 (date and time to be announced by the university).
The instructor is not empowered to change this date. Please note that no alternate, "conflict", or early final exam can be offered. Please be sure that your end-of-semester personal schedule allows you to be present for the final exam.

Final exam date: Dec 19, 2017 7-10pm (165 Noyes)


Lecture Presentation Notes

Please print out on your own all lectures (after Lecture 1) and bring them to class

2017 Syllabus

Lecture 1 (August 29) - biochemical basics

Lecture 2 (August 31) - cell biology basics

Lecture 3 (Sept 5) - Analysis of DNA, RNA, and protein levels

Lecture 4 (Sept 7) - Model organisms, genetic KOs, RNAi, and chemical genetics

Lecture 5 (Sept 12) - Fluorescence applications

Lecture 6 (Sept 14) - Imaging probes

Lecture 7 (Sept 19) - Biomolecular interactions / bioconjugation

Lecture 8 (Sept 21) - Combinatorial chemistry

Lecture 9 (Sept 25) - Continued from previous lectures

Lecture 10 (Sept 28) - High-throughput screening

Lecture 11 (Oct 3) - Target identification

Lecture 12 (Oct 5) - Midterm 1 (please arrive 10 mins early)

Lecture 13 (Oct 10) - Unnatural amino acid incorporation

Lecture 14 (Oct 12) - Sequence-specific DNA binders

Lecture 15 (Oct 17) - Activity-based protein profiling

Lecture 16 (Oct 26) - Molecular basis of cancer

Lecture 17 (Oct 26) - Anti-cancer agents

Lecture 18a (Oct 31) - Stem cells and regenerative medicine

Lecture 18b (Oct 31) - Phage display and yest hybrid

Lecture 19a (Nov 7) - PTMs: Kinase and phosphatases

Lecture 19b (Nov 7) - PTMs: Transglycosylation and glycosidases

Lecture 20 (Nov 9) - Midterm 2 (answer key)

2016 Exams (for practice)

Midterm 1 Key

Midterm 2 Key

Final Exam

Final Exam (Key)

Literature Manuscripts for in-class discussions

Please print out and critically read EACH of the listed manuscripts IN ADVANCE OF the indicated lecture. You should be ready to participate in the classroom discussion for each of the manuscripts.  The student presentation schedule is posted via a link near the top of this webpage.

Student-led discussion presentations


Student Research Projects

Please note: all papers should be 1.5 line spacing with 1-inch margins and use 10-point Arial font.

Presentation schedule (presentation dates November 8, 10, 15, 17 and December 1) - available later in semester




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