Cameron Keeton

BSc Chemistry, University of Louisville 

PhD Student in Chemistry (Chemical Biology)



1. Chanaka M. Navarathna, Narada Bombuwala Dewage, Cameron Keeton, Jaylen Pennisson, Rand Henderson, Brooke Lashley, Xuefeng Zhang, El Barbary Hassan, Felio Perez, Dinesh Mohan, Charles U. Pittman, and Todd Mlsna. Biochar Adsorbents with Enhanced Hydrophobicity for Oil Spill Removal. ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces 2020, 12 (8), 9248-9260

Select Awards

3. The American Institute of Chemists Award For Chemistry (2020)

2. The Chemistry Faculty Award for Excellence at the University of Louisville (2020)

1. James Graham Brown Fellowship (2016)