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Zhenxiang wins 2024 Pines Graduate Fellowship

Zhenxiang has been named a 2024 Pines Graduate Fellow. This fellowship is unique in that it is designed specifically to support those students who have accomplished a significant level of success in research. This award has been made possible by the generous contribution from Dr. Pines. Dr. Pines was an alumnus of the Department of Chemistry at the University of Illinois who went on to establish an illustrious career at Merck after receiving his Ph.D. with Prof. Nelson Leonard. At Merck he helped develop a large number of life-enhancing therapeutic drugs, such as cortisone, easing the suffering of millions. He served as Vice President of Pharmaceutical Process R&D and was awarded Merck's highest scientific honor, the Director's Scientific Award. We are proud of the accomplishments of Dr. Pines and grateful for his generous contributions to the Department.


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