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Four Chan Lab undergrads receive funding for summer research!

Four of our undergraduate students have applied for and received funding to conduct research during the summer of 2019. Sakina Burhani, Douglas Chan, and Irian Xu will continue their work in the Chan Lab, and Lupe Aguirre will travel to Stanford for the summer. Congrats to all of our awesome undergrads!

Top left: Lupe Aguirre will participate in the Amgen REU program at Stanford University.

(Graduate mentor: Thomas Bearrood)

Top right: Sakina Burhani received the Department of Chemistry Peter Beak Scholarship for Undergraduate Research.

(Graduate mentor: Sarah Gardner)

Bottom left: Douglas Chan received the Beckman Institute Undergraduate Fellowship and the College of LAS James Scholar Preble Research Scholarship.

(Graduate Mentor: Hailey Knox)

Bottom right: Irian Xu received the school of MCB summer undergraduate research fellowship.

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